Type II Super Engineering Grade

15000 Series Super Engineering Grade (SEG) retro-reflective sheeting is an enclosed lens type high performance retro-reflective material. The photometric properties of Nikkalite™ SEG are more than double those of Engineering Grade. SEG was specially developed for use on traffic (regulatory, warning guides etc.) signs and other safety devices that require high reflectance. Traffic signs faced with Nikkalite® sheeting and screen printed with Nikkalite® transparent process colors are attractive in appearance and highly visible during both day and night, and contribute greatly to driving safety.


Nikkalite™ 15000 Series SEG will bond to clean and smooth surfaces of tested and approved metal, coated metal and plastic sheets. Application should be undertaken in an ambient temperature of between 18°C to 25°C (64°F to 77°F), where the sign face material and substrate have been allowed to condition. Permanent bonding will take place approximately 48 hours after application. DO NOT ALLOW THE ADHESIVE TO FREEZE DURING CURING PERIOD. The material is watermarked with a star in the middle of sheeting layer for identification purposes.

Nikkalite 15000 Series SEG retro-reflective sheeting offers the following characteristics:

  • A 12-year warranty is provided to meet the New Minimum Retroreflectivity standard by the Federal Highway Administration for the colors white, yellow, green and red.  (Orange - 3 year warranty; Blue and Brown - 10 year warranty) 
  • Resistance to corrosion 
  • Resistant to most solvent 
  • Excellent resistance to weathering 
  • Color Fast 
  • Excellent Adhesion 
  • Dimensional stability

Product Information:

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)