Type III Ultralite Grade

Nikkalite™ Brand Ultralite Grade (ULG) encapsulated lens retroreflective sheeting was developed to provide greater reflectivity and durability when used for traffic signs and other types of traffic control and safety devices. ULG is made with high refractive index beads that are uniform in size and a high percentage of perfect roundness. Each bead is coated on ½ of its sphere with approximately 100% pure aluminum. Each aluminum coated half is embedded in synthetic resin. The top film of ULG sheeting is extra strong, dimensionally stable, and flexible. It is strongly fused to a synthetic resin based film, causing the retroreflective sheeting to resist delamination and render up to ten years of effective performance. ULG has a Pressure Sensitive adhesive (PS) which, is protected with an easily removable plastic liner.

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