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STOP/SLOW Paddle - Screw On Type

STOP/SLOW Paddle - Screw On Type

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Screw on paddle makes it easy to change between 10" Handle and Telescoping Pole

Stop Slow Paddle screws on
  • 10" aluminum handle, comfort grip
  • Optional telescoping pole

Two sided sign - STOP/SLOW
  • 18" X 18" octagon sign
  • 6 mm corrugated plastic sheet
  • 3 mm ABS plastic sheet

Fiberglass telescoping pole
  • 51" to bottom of sign, not expanded
  • Expands over 84"
  • Strong ABS locking clamp holds pole at desired height
  • Rubber grip, 6" long comfort handle
  • Rounded tip at pole bottom, makes paddle turn easy
  • Non-conductive and lightweight

Meets MUTCD Standards

Also available

To replace the sign, rivets need to be drilled out and replaced with machine screws to attach a new sign.

Signs are available in Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic Grade, and Type IX High Performance Grade.


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