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Sentinel™ Type III Barricade

Sentinel™ Type III Barricade

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Base and upright snap together
  • 2 pieces, no hardware needed

Plastic 1" x 8" boards
  • Use 4' or 6' boards

Internally ballast base

MASH Accepted - WZ-302
  • Meets MUTCD Standards

Made in the U.S.A.

Order sheeting on one or both sides of the boards, or none.

3M retroreflective striped sheeting available in Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic Grade, and Diamond Grade. Chevron sheeting is also available.

Base can be internally ballasted with sand, sandbags, or water in warmer climates.

Base Dimensions: 36"W x 48"L

Upright Dimensions: 35.37"W x 86.125"H

Part Number: 2600

Sentinel Type III Product Information

Certificate of Compliance

FHWA Acceptance - WZ Letter


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