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Plasticade® Type I and II Barricade

Plasticade® Type I and II Barricade

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A heavy-duty workhorse Type I and II barricade. It's molded hollow so it can be internally weighted with sand.

All plastic
  • No rust or painting
  • No leg straightening

Molded hollow
  • Can be internally ballasted
  • Sandbag bar for additional weight

Hinges lock in open position

Molded -in handle

Stacking lugs
  • Keep stacked units from sliding

Can be stenciled with name
  • For quick identification

MASH Accepted
  • WZ-407
  • Tested with lightweight warning light
  • Meets MUTCD Standards

Made in the U.S.A.

The Plasticade Barricade is NCHRP-350 Accepted for use as a sign stand. Use with signs up to 48" x 48" made of lightweight aluminum composite material.

Can be filled with dry sand. Each stand has 2 fill holes, 1 on each side of the frame. 5 lbs. of sand per hole for a total of 10 lbs. per stand is recommended.

Orange and White Striped Sheeting Available: 3M - Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic Grade, and Diamond Grade

Plasticade will professionally apply legends to the barricades. Hassle free, guaranteed application. Choose from one of our standard legends or custom design your own.

Dimensions: 25"W x 45"H

Weight: 16 lbs.

Part Number: 100

Plasticade Barricade Product Information

Certificate of Compliance

FHWA Acceptance - WZ Letter

FHWA Sign Stand Acceptance - WZ Letter


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