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ADA Strongwall Barricade

ADA Strongwall Barricade

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Use to create an ADA walkway or as a longitudinal channelizing device in work zones.
No trip hazard
  • Meets or exceeds ADA Guidelines

Two piece linking sections
  • Top piece slides into base
  • Anti-tamper linking of top sections

No sandbags needed!
  • Base weighs 43 lbs.
  • Has carry handle

Shape to any layout

Stable in windy conditions

Compact stacking
  • Lowers transportation cost

MASH Accepted - WZ-328
  • Meets MUTCD Standards

Sheeting available on one or both sides of the barricade sections, or none.

3M retroreflective striped sheeting available in Engineer Grade and High Intensity Prismatic Grade.

Specifications for single section with base
Height: 38”
Length: 43”, Connected Length - 40.4"
Width: 15.25”
Total Weight with base: 51 lbs.
Sheeting area is 6” x 30” on each side

Part Number: CSP-SW38


Dimensions: 40.4"L x 15.5"W x 12"H

Weight: 43 lbs.

Strongwall ADA Barricade Product Information

FHWA Acceptance - WZ Letter

Certificate of Compliance

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