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ADA Pathcade Barricade System

ADA Pathcade Barricade System

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Multi-Purpose Barricade System

  • Crowd Control
  • Manhole Guard
  • ADA Pedestrian Pathway System
  • Longitudinal Channelizing Device
Multi-functional barricade system meets ADA requirements
  • 72"L x 38"H
  • Continuously detectable edge at barricade top and bottom

Exclusive tripod leg system
  • No sandbags needed when using all 3 feet
  • Anti-trip foot on one side
  • Two larger feet on other side
  • Use only larger feet with sandbags for ADA Compliance

Easy handle turn deploys feet
  • Unique soft grip handle system
  • Quick turn moves feet out or back in

Stack 20% more
  • Nesting system allows for 19 units stacked on pallet
  • Lowers transportation costs
  • Stacking lugs keep units from shifting

Shape to any layout
  • Units pivot 120º
  • 3 units in triangle layout for manhole guard

Robust dual connectors
  • Create easy to use linking system

Smooth, comfortable guardrail
  • Rounded edge on top of panel

Four recessed sheeting areas
  • Two sheeting areas, 8" x 50", on each side of panel
  • Your choice of retroreflective striped sheeting

Light shelves for standard barricade lights
  • 2 per section

Holes for attaching signage
  • Use screws to attach 20"W x 14"H sign

MASH Accepted
  • WZ-428
  • Meets MUTCD Standards

Made in the U.S.A.


Dimensions: 72"W x 38"H, connected length is 69.4"

Weight: 31 lbs.

Part Number 2008

ADA Pathcade Product Information

ADA Pathcade Instructions

FHWA Acceptance - WZ Letter

Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Compliance WI

Specification for Oregon and Michigan

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