Mutual Industries - About Us

A Manufacturing Leader Since 1910

Mutual Industries, Inc. has been an industry leader in developing and manufacturing a diverse line of quality products for over 100 years.
Mutual's line of quality construction, safety, and surveying materials continues the quality tradition. Mutual's flagging/surveying tapes, barricade tapes, flags, safety fence and silt fence have set the industry standard.
Mutual has also become the premier manufacturer of sediment control and erosion control products, as well as a full line of safety vests and personal protection products. These products are manufactured by Mutual to the same exacting standards and level of quality that you've come to expect from Mutual, while being very competitively priced.
Mutual Industries' rigid quality control procedures developed over a century ago, guarantee that the products designed and manufactured today can withstand a wide variety of hostile environmental conditions without field failure.
Look no further when choosing a manufacturer. With such a vast array of quality construction, safety, surveying, geotextile and erosion control products ready to ship, Mutual Industries is definitely "Your One Great Source".

Corporate Headquarters:
707 W. Grange St. • Philadelphia, PA 19120

Tel: (215) 927-6000 • Fax: (215) 927-3388
Call Toll Free (800) 523-0888

Manufacturing Locations:
Philadelphia, PA • Baltimore, MD • Ft. Myers, FL

Stocking Warehouses:
Philadelphia, PA • Baltimore, MD • Ft. Myers, FL
Tacoma, WA • Chicago, IL

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